Privesecure Ecosystem

Privesecure's mission is to provide cryptocurrency users with a long-term, robust, and ever-evolving open-source cloud storage infrastructure. The Privesecure ecosystem is made up of interconnected components that provide users with a complete experience. These are some of them:

User Control - You have complete control over your files.

By default, files uploaded to Privesecure are private. You may only share or make them public if you wish to share or make them public.

  • Granting Access: Share a collaboration folder with other Privesecure users - Any Privesecure user can share a folder with other Privesecure users.
  • Users can upload and download files, leave comments, and start discussions depending on the rights you provide them. At any moment, the folder owner can disable access to one or all the users.
  • Distribute a public link: Link to the file download or embed the link directly in your website, blog, or another third-party program. Privesecure generates a unique URL and ID from a randomly generated combination of letters and numbers in both circumstances.
  • Construct a widget: Create a widget to share a file or folder on a public site. After you've completed the form, you'll receive HTML code that you may use to embed on any site you own. Your files will be shown in the widget, and visitors will be able to download them as needed.

Restrictions on access

  • Grant specific rights: When sharing content, you may give different levels of access to different people. There are three levels: Preview only (only viewable on your web browser; downloading is not permitted), Upload only, Download only, Full Access (which includes the right to delete files), Upload and Download, or Download Only.
  • Protect a link to a file or folder with a password: You can opt to password-protect a public link to a file or folder when you create it.
  • Set a date for a public link to expire – Set a date for a public link to expire. The link will become invalid on this date, and the user will no longer be able to access the file or folder.
  • Set an expiration date for a file that will be automatically removed and hence no longer available.
  • Unshare a file — You can opt to unshare a file at any time, even if no expiration date has been selected. When a file is unshared, all public links to it are deactivated, and it is removed from any widgets.
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User Privilege Management – Platform Security

  • Validated data access - Privesecure validates data access using proven password and privilege mechanisms depending on a user's privileges. Unauthorized access will result in failure.
  • With every request to the platform, Privesecure uses robust user authentication. In essence, any activity in Privesecure is only permitted once the system verifies that the user has the necessary permissions.