Get in Early

Join the Privesecure presale right away! Purchasing your first $PRSC tokens is now simpler than ever thanks to our step-by-step instructions. Simply click the connect wallet button when you are ready to go.

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Step 1

To obtain your $PRSC tokens, you will need to establish a digital wallet. Although we suggest using Metamask as your wallet, if you already have another wallet, you may be able to utilise wallet connect

Step 2

After completing this, it's time to purchase BNB. On exchanges like Binance, this is achievable. Once you've made the purchase, send the BNB to your wallet.

Step 3

A pop-up will show once you click Connect Wallet. You will be sent to a new page after selecting your chosen wallet. Once you are there, click the "Buy With BNB" button to bring up another pop-up. The transaction will be completed after you click purchase.

Step 4

After the presale is over, you may access your PRSC tokens through the primary website ( Your tokens will appear in your wallet once the presale has ended.